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is the jr pass worth getting?

Is the JR pass worth getting?


I have the following rough itinerary planned.
Is the JR pass worth getting for this itinerary?
I did a rough calculation and it seems like the cost is ~26,000 yen if fly out from Osaka and ~36,000 yen if travel back and fly out from Tokyo.
Thanks for your advice.

Day 1: Fly in to Tokyo (Narita)
Day 2: Tokyo
Day 3: Tokyo
Day 4: Tokyo
Day 5: Takayama
Day 6: Takayama
Day 7: Shirakawa
Day 8: Kyoto (via Kanazawa)
Day 9: Kyoto
Day 10: Kyoto
Day 11: Kyoto
Day 12: Osaka
Day 13: Osaka (day trip to Nara)
Day 14: Osaka (day trip to Himeji)
Day 15: Tokyo (might extend a day in Tokyo at day 5)
Day 16: Fly out from Tokyo Narita (might fly out from Osaka)


Hi there,

I checked your itinerary for the best option and it is somewhat hard to match a JR Pass to this itinerary. You'd either want a 7 day JR Pass and return to Tokyo before it expires or go for a 14 day JR Pass but then do a bit more travel. So you are just in between the both of them. Given this I actually think it would be best to purchase normal tickets as you travel.

If plans change and you would for instance also visit Hiroshima, then a 14 day JR Pass would be a great option.

Hope this helps,

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What about this option,
from Osaka(kansai air port) to Tokyo(Narita airport)

2 LCCs have been operated.

the prices are different from the day.
Advanced purchase make the cost low.


Thanks for the advice.
Still tweaking the itinerary and might add more places to travel.

For the flight options (ANA and JAL), flying out from Osaka (transit at Narita) or Tokyo (Narita) costs the same without using LCC option.
Still undecided but leaning towards flying from Osaka and doing everything in Tokyo before moving on.
Thanks for the suggestion though.


Updated itinerary:
Day 1 (Nov 14, Sat): Fly in to Tokyo (Narita)
Day 2 (Nov 15, Sun): Tokyo
Day 3 (Nov 16, Mon): Tokyo
Day 4 (Nov 17, Tue): Tokyo
Day 5 (Nov 18, Wed): Tokyo
Day 6 (Nov 19, Thu): Takayama (via Nagoya)
Day 7 (Nov 20, Fri): Takayama
Day 8 (Nov 21, Sat): Shirakawa-go
Day 9 (Nov 22, Sun): Kyoto (via Kanazawa)
Day 10 (Nov 23, Mon): Kyoto
Day 11 (Nov 24, Tue): Kyoto
Day 12 (Nov 25, Wed): Kyoto
Day 13 (Nov 26, Thu): Kyoto (day trip to Nara)
Day 14 (Nov 27, Fri): Kyoto (day trip to Osaka and Himeji)
Day 15 (Nov 28, Sat): Fly out from Osaka (Itami)

I think the JR pass (7 or 14 days) is not worth it with the itinerary above.

1. Is it worth getting a JR Kanton Area Pass while in Tokyo?
2. Is it worth getting a JR Kansai Hokuriku Pass (7 days) and use it from Day 9 (cover up to Day 15)?
3. Is it worth adding on a Kansai Thru Pass (Surutto Kansai) mostly for bus, subway access and airport monorail?



It depends on your trip.
If you want to move widely in Tokyo (out side of subway area),
Kanto pass or 14days pass is better.
More or less, you'll often get on subway.

kanto pass 8,300 + kansai jr pass 15,000 + tokyo to nagoya 10,000=33,300
7 days 29,110 + kanto pass 8,300=37,410 may need
14 days = 46,390

case 1---------
buy a 7 days pass.
Activate Day6 from Tokyo to Takayama. of course you must get on a bus.
if you buy bullet train ticket ,it cost about 10,000 yen.

How about
Day 10 (Nov 26, Thu): Kyoto (day trip to Nara)
Day 11 (Nov 27, Fri): Kyoto (day trip to Osaka and Himeji) ?

from osaka to Toyoto is 30 min by special rapid or express JR train ,15 min by bullet train,.

it's difficult to determine.
Good luck (^)/~~~


and refer this site.
It's cheap for frequent use of subway (Tokyo metro & Toei subway) It includes express train from Narita to central Tokyo(you can choose one way or round trip)

Don't you think that Tokyo is strange city ,because two subway company are operating?


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