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is jrpass needed for myjapan trip itinerary

is JRPass needed for myJapan trip Itinerary


we will travel to Japan from 20June - 29June. we've bought 7 days JR pass.
i would like to ask your advise about my plan itinerary.

20June : arrive at Haneda around midnight, we already book transport to hotel in Shinjuku using
21June : wish to go to Alpen Route, not sure if we can go there by JR train or bus
or we will go to Asakusa Temple, Shibuya (any advice)
22June : still in Tokyo (pls advice any interesting place) - activating the JRPass
23June : check out from Shinjuku move to Hotel near disney, disneyland
24June : Disneysea in the morning, and afternoon will go to Kawaguchi-ko and overnight in Kawaguchi hotel
a. any JR shinkansen train to Kawaguchiko? or which is the best route?
25June : travelling around Kawaguchiko & Hakone if possible, evening time will go to Kyoto
a. pls advice how to take shinkansen to Kyoto? overnight in kyoto
26June : Kyoto sightseeing
27June : morning left Kyoto to Osaka by shinkansen
28June : Universal Studio, evening take shinkansen back to Shinjuku and then go to Haneda,
29June : flyback to Jakarta at 00.30

thank you
any advice is really appreciated
also, when is the best time to activate my JRPass because we will be 8 days in Japan...


Hi there,

The JR Pass is a great choice for this itinerary. Just by visiting Kyoto and Osaka will you make good use of the JR Pass.

There's a couple of things we should look at though, the first being the Alpen Route. I assume that you mean the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route. You can use the JR Pass to travel most of the way there, however it is too far away from Tokyo to do as a single day trip. Either I would recommend visiting it on June 22nd and 23rd with a stay somewhere near the route itself or stay and enjoy Tokyo.

As for travel to Kawaguchiko, there is no Shinkansen travel directly to Kawaguchiko. The best way to travel there with the JR Pass is to take the train from Tokyo to Otsuki station and from there use the Fujikyu line to Kawaguchiko. The Fujikyu line is not covered by the JR Pass and requires and additional fare of 1,150 yen. For travel to Tokyo, return to Tokyo station from where you can use the Shinkansen directly to Kyoto.

Lastly I would advise activating your JR Pass on June 22nd, as this way you will cover all your important travel with the JR pass.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel-san,
thanks... really appreciate your advice...


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