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is jr pass worthwhile? osaka <> tokyo + surrounding area

Is JR Pass worthwhile? Osaka <> Tokyo + surrounding area


I'm going to stay in Osaka for a week (8 days to be exact) in coming December. I will be making a round trip to Tokyo, a round Trip to Kyoto, and possibly a round trip to Kobe from there during the stay. Would a 7-day JR Pass be worthwhile? If not, what would be your suggestion for the transportations of those inbound trips? Thanks.


Hi guu,

As a general rule, as long as you have a round trip from Tokyo to Osaka (or Kyoto), then a 7 day JR Pass will be worth purchasing. Here are your legs just to be sure:

  • Osaka > Tokyo (¥27,100 return)
  • Osaka > Kyoto (¥1080 return)
  • Osaka > Kobe (¥780 return)

Total: ¥28,960

If you add another ¥2200 the leg to or from Kansai International Airport, that would also be covered by a JR Pass and you will save around ¥2000 with a JR Pass (¥28,300), in addition to having the flexibility to go off to other parts of Japan on day trips should the fancy take you.

Recommendation: 7 day JR Pass

Hiroshima, Takayama and Kinosaki onsen are also all good day trips form Osaka you could fit into your holiday.

Hope this helps!

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Yes, the 7-day JR Pass would include a single trip from/to the airport too. Unfortunately I'm staying for 8 days so it can't cover both. Thank you, mari.


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