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is it worth to purchase a green jr pass for this itinerary?

Is it worth to purchase a Green JR Pass for this itinerary?

We will be traveling to Japan this April in a group of 10. Below are our itineraries :-

April 4 - Arrive at Narita Airport at 220pm.
April 4 - Tokyo to Osaka
April 7 - Osaka to Tokyo

Pls advise. Tqvm.


Hello there,

Honestly, I think that you'll be fine with an ordinary JR Pass. Travel between Tokyo and Osaka is a relative quick journey and normal Shinkansen seats are already quite nice.

The real reason to consider Green Class is that Green carriages are more quieter, which makes traveling more relaxed. You also have about 50% more leg space, although you should have no space problems in ordinary class either.

Also see:

Hope this helps,

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Hi there! Just a couple of tips to add to Daniel's great answer.
Be sure to get your Pass converted at Narita - that way you can use the Narita Express to get to Tokyo and onward travel via the Shinkansen to Osaka.
I had a bit of a think about your schedule. Chances are it will take a little time to get cleared through customs, exchange passes etc. So you are looking at more like 3:30PM before heading to Osaka.
I would suggest going to Shinagawa rather than Tokyo, as it is a lot less crowded! And join your Shinkansen from there. All the fares are covered by the JR Pass, of whatever type.
Green is very nice: especially after a long flight. As Daniel mentioned they are quieter than normal cars and there are even "Quiet cars" where not even announcements are made. As a group I would advise against travelling in a quiet car.
Please note that with the JR Pass (Ordinary OR Green) you are limited to the Hikari and Kodama type of Shinkansen trains (You will almost certainly take a Hikari).
Now depending on how quickly you get through customs etc here is a possible schedule:
15:44 Narita Express 34 >> Shinagawa
17:10 Hikari 481 (Shinkansen) >> Shin-Osaka
That arrives around 8PM from there it is a local train to Osaka proper (Shin-Osaka is not the same as Osaka station!)

After all that good luck with your travels!


Thank you very much for your wonderful suggestions Daniel and Seki. I really appreciate your kind response.


During this period of our travel, is the Shinkansen train going to be crowded with passengers going to Osaka?


"During this period of our travel, is the Shinkansen train going to be crowded with passengers going to Osaka?"

No - Golden week starts from April 29th .. You will be fine!


Thank you very much Seki for your quick answer.


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