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is it worth getting a jr pass for my trip?

Is it worth getting a JR Pass for my trip?

First of all, thank you for the great service, the time response I've seen in other questios its amazing.

So I'm visiting Japan from June 21st to june 30th. Arriving first to Narita airport, staying 5 days in tokyo, then going for 2 days to Kyoto, one of those 2 days in Kyoto I'll go to Nara. Then 1 day to Matsumoto and lastly I'm going back to Tokyo. I was wondering if it is worth to get the JR Pass for that trip.

One more thing, at the moment I'm in Seoul, in a hostel and I'll be traveling in South Korea for the next 9 days. I was starting to do my reservation and I saw they ask for a delivery address. Should I put the one of the hostel that I'm staying in at Tokyo the first 5 days? or what can I do?

Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

Yes, a 7 day JR Pass is definitely worth it for the route Toyko - Kyoto - Matsumoto - Tokyo (travel to Nara is also included).
Together you can make nice savings compared to purchasing normal tickets and the JR Pass will be your single ticket for all of the above travel.

We do need to deliver the JR Pass to you physically, using your hostel in Tokyo seems to best option. As you will be there for 5 days, which is plenty of time to delivery.

Hope this helps,

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