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im unsure if the japan rail pass is cheaper for me or not. help!

Im unsure if the Japan rail pass is cheaper for me or not. help!


I will be travelling Japan but I'm unsure if the Japan rail pass would be cheaper or not. Please can you help. Here is my itinerary:

30th Sept - Hiroshima to Osaka
3rd Oct - Osaka to Kyoto
6th Oct - Kyoto to Nara
8th Oct Nara to Mt Fuji
10th Oct Mt Fuji to Tokyo

Thank you for you help

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Hi Stephanie,

I checked your itinerary for the best option but was unable to match a JR Pass to your itinerary. My advise here would be to buy normal tickets for your travels. You can find the cost of your itinerary using our Fare Calculator.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for your help, i was thinking the same too but just wanted to double check.


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