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how do i know the shinkansen station names?

How do I know the Shinkansen station names?

Hi everyone,

On sunday I will go to Japan for 2 weeks.
This is my first time there and I'm trying to figure out what to see and how to get there..

I was thinking that the JR pass would be a good place to start

I am probably starting in Fukuoka and will depart from Tokyo.. (is this managable in 2 weeks?)

Than my big question is.. How do I know which stations make use of the bullet trains.. Because every time I use Hyperdia I get multple transfers only to find out later there is a better route... Now since I am still 'only' planning, that's of course okej.. But once I actually get on a train which takes 4 hours longer than neccesary, that would be a shame..

(I found out that Fukuoka's terminal is Hakata.. ) are there any more of these differents names for stations?

Thanx :)



Hi Nadia,

I hope your are exited for your upcoming trip!

Traveling from Fukuoka (Hakata) to Tokyo is completely covered by the JR Pass and you can ride the bullet trains all the way there.

I know for experience that planning with Hyperdia can be someone confusing at times. I would suggest trying different times, there are a lot of trains in Japan and you may find a better route if you look an hour earlier or later for instance.

Fukuoka and it's main station Hakata are indeed something a lot of first time travelers get confused with. Most station do use the name of their city though. For instance Tokyo is Tokyo, however the shinkansen station for Osaka is Shin-Osaka. Here is a Shinkansen map from JR, which is a great help to look up stations and places.

Let me know if I can assist with anything else,

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