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how can we get to nagoya from chubu centrair airport?

How can we get to Nagoya from Chubu Centrair Airport?

Hi! I posted a question before and thank you so much for your responses.

However, I wonder how can we get to Hotel Wing International Nagoya from the Centrair Airport?
Hotel's address is:
460-0003 Aichi
Naka-ku Nishiki 1-4-11

And is there a place near our hotel where we can exchange our JR pass?

Thank you,

Norika A.
Norika A.

Hello Norika,

Here is how to travel from Chubu airport to Nagoya Station. Here you can exchange the JR Pass as well. See our activating the JR Pass at Nagoya station blog post for all the details.

The hotel is about 5-10 min walk from Nagoya station and I would advise either walking or taking a taxi if you have a lot of luggage.

Hope this helps,

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