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honeymoon itinerary plan

Honeymoon itinerary plan


My girlfriend and I will be travelling around Japan for ten nights for our honeymoon. We are pretty happy to fit a lot in!
The provisional itinerary is:

Tokyo - 2 nights
Amani islands - 2 nights (internal flight return flight from Tokyo)
Japanese Alps - 3 nights (climb Yariga take)
Kanazawa - 1 nights
Kyoto - 1 night
Nishimuraya Honkan Ryokan Hyogo - 1 night

Firstly is there good transport links between these areas? From what I have read the Shinkansen appears to travel between these destinations. Secondly I wonder if you think this is too ambitious with our time. Potentially we could not travel to the Amani Island or do a shorter walk in the Japanese alps if you think we need to factor more time in for travel?

I suspect we will only require a 7 day Japan Rail travel card.

I look forward to hearing from you

We are so excited to be coming to Japan

Stephen Ray


Hello Stephen Ray,

Maybe I am a bit biased but Japan is absolutely the best place to spend your honeymoon!

Your itinerary is somewhat busy, however I think it may work if you plan it carefully beforehand. Getting on way day from Amami - Japanese Alps is going to be tricky and that has to be a big point of focus. Maybe spending one night in Tokyo in between could be a better idea. Or see if you can find a flight near the Japanese Alps, such as Toyama Airport. I don't know what time of year you plan to go but be sure to check climbing conditions beforehand.

A JR Pass can be a good help if you would use it from Tokyo - Japanese Alps - Kyoto - Hyogo - Tokyo. Just to be sure, will you return from Huogo to Tokyo?

Hope this helps,

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Hi and Congratulations!

You can use rail and get to all the places you mention except Amami naturally, as well as Yariga. For the latter, you can take JR to Matsumoto, then you'd need to pay for a non-JR train and a bus. Amami is not a typical choice and is largely unexplored by most tourists, so you might find very few other ones there. Personally I might choose Ishigaki or Miyako-jima in Okinawa, but you may have your reasons. I'd also say 4D/3N is too much for Yariga, unless you are really set on going to Japan for the hiking. Kyoto certainly needs more time, and don't skip Nara either - the Todaiji Great Buddha is a must see place, and the Isuien Garden is an often bypassed gem that is very close by but so often ignored.

You can see regular fares, routes and schedules on Hyperdia. But be sure under "More Options" to deselect "Nozomi..." since you can't ride that on the Pass.

While in Tokyo, or anywhere near a major tollway exit, you might stop off at a love hotel since it is your honeymoon. Take a lot of pics - you'll make some good memories. Just take some food/drinks with you since you can't leave until you really leave. For the Alps though you don't say when you are planning to travel, so make sure it is in the climbing season. For flying, make sure you don't pay through the nose with regular airfare. AFAIK only JAL flies to Amami and that is from Osaka, so you might go to the Kansai area first and then use one of their air passes. Otherwise, going to Okinawa on Peach or a special ANA fare would be much cheaper.

Best of luck.


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