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hiroshima day trip from kyoto

Hiroshima Day Trip from Kyoto

Either one of the last days of May or one of the first days of June 2016, I'd like to visit Hiroshima and Miyajimaguchi as a day trip to summit Mt. Misen via the Miyajima Ropeway in the morning and then to go sightseeing around Hiroshima in the afternoon. I will have a JRPass.

Here is a loose approximation of my itinerary:
07:20 Kyoto - take Hikari 493
??:?? Arrive Hiroshima ??:?? Hiroshima - take Local train ??:?? Arrive Miyajimaguchi ??:?? Miyajimaguchi - take Ferry ??:?? Arrive Miyajima Port - Sightseeing and lunch at Miyajima (Miyajima Ropeway and Mt. Misen Walk) 13:30 Miyajima Port - take Ferry
13:40 Arrive Miyajimaguchi
13:58 Miyajimaguchi - take Local train
14:25 Arrive Hiroshima station - Sightseeing and dinner at Hiroshima (Peace Memorial Park, Atomic Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Museum)
17:51 Hiroshima - take Sakura 570
??:?? Arrive Kyoto

Can anyone provide information about whether or not this is possible, suggested times, updated info about whether or not the Peace Memorial Museum is worth a visit since some of it is scheduled to be closed, and any other advice?

Thank you,


Hello Rebircs,

This is certainly possible. You will have plenty of time to visit Miyajima by leaving Kyoto at 7:20. You can use to check local trains to Miyajima guchi. Info on the ferry can be found here.

The peace memorial park, museum and close by A-Dome are still well worth seeing. There is a lot of historical importance there and it can leave a big impression, even if not everything is accessible.

Hope this helps,


Thank you again, Daniel, for providing me with the tools to figure this out and for your advice!

I've put together a sample itinerary (with some options) both to see if this seems like a good plan and also to share with anyone who was considering do a similar day trip. For anyone considering doing the day trip, I've also included the references (some provided by Daniel) so you can look up the times specific to what day you plan on going.

Best regards,

Hiroshima Day Trip Sample Itinerary
07:20 Depart Kyoto - Departure track No.13 - take Hikari 491
09:05 Arrive Hiroshima - track No.12
09:15 Depart Hiroshima - JR Sanyo Line for IWAKUNI - Departure track No.1
09:43 Arrive Miyajimaguchi
09:55 Depart Miyajimaguchi - take Ferry
10:05 Arrive Miyajima Port - Sightseeing and lunch at Miyajima (Miyajima Ropeway and Mt. Misen Hike)
13:40 Depart Miyajima Port - take Ferry
13:50 Arrive Miyajimaguchi
14:03 Depart Miyajimaguchi - JR Sanyo Line for SHIRAICHI
14:32 Arrive Hiroshima - Arrival track No.5
14:45 Take Green Route Bus - Bus stop is in front of The Hotel Granvia Hiroshima
15:02 Get off Stop 7/Peace Memorial Park(Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum) - Sightseeing (Peace Memorial Park and Peace Memorial Museum, Atomic Bomb Dome )
-- for an early departure 16:29 Take Green Route Bus - Bus stop is in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome/Stop 6: 16:55 Arrive Hiroshima Station - or - 16:29 Begin walking back to Hiroshima Station 17:00 Arrive Hiroshima Station 17:17 Depart Hiroshima - take Sakura 560 - Departure track No.14
18:42 Switch trains Shin-Osaka - Arrival track No.20
19:16 Depart Shin-Osaka for Kyoto - take HIKARI 534 - Departure track No.27
19:31 Arrive Kyoto
--for more time exploring and getting dinner in Hiroshima 17:43 Take Orange Route Bus (last bus) - Bus stop is in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome/Stop 6: 18:17 Arrive Hiroshima Station - or - 18:14 Begin walking back to Hiroshima Station 18:45 Arrive Hiroshima Station 19:03 Depart Hiroshima - take Sakura 564 - Departure track No.14
20:34 Switch trains Shin-Osaka - Arrival track No.20
20:43 Depart Shin-Osaka for Kyoto - take KODAMA 692 - Departure track No.27
20:57 Arrive Kyoto


Train Schedules:
Ferry Schedules: Miyajima Ropeway and Mt. Misen Hike: Hiroshima Bus Schedule:


Hi Rebircs!

Thanks for sharing, this looks absolutely amazing!

Happy travels,


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