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help to check our itinerary and jrpass

Help to check our itinerary and jrpass

Dear all,
My husband and i are going to japan for the first time. I would like to know if buying a JR pass is worth it for our trip. And when is the best day to activate it.
Here is our itinerary:
13 april - arrive in haneda airport at 1030 pm. We are going to stay st GRand park hotel panex tokyo near the airport. What transportation can u suggest to get there?
14- disneysea.
15-16 then go to hakone. Hotel in hakone.
16- 19 hotel stay in kyoto
17-explore kyoto
18- daytrip nara
19-daytrip osaka
20- . Check out kyoto hotel . Daytrip to hiroshima and go back osaka. Stay in osaka.
21- fly of from kansai airport.

With our itinerary is it worth to buy a jr pass?what are the tickets i need to take? Can you show me the detailed legs and how much i can save? Sorry i have lots of questions as its going to be our first time and its better to know from the best.

Let me know. Thanks in. Advance!



Hi there!

I checked your itinerary and ticket prices for you but I think that it would be better to buy tickets as you travel.
The JR Pass is best suited for longer distances. For instance a return Tokyo - Kyoto will quickly pay off.
Your itinerary includes a lot of cities but long distance travel is limited to a one way ticket Tokyo - Kyoto.
Local travel around Kansai (Kyoto/Nara and Osaka) is very low by itself.

What you could consider is buying a Suica card in Japan to make your travel a lot more convenient. This is a prepaid travel card which just just slide over the gate each time that you enter and exit the platforms.

I looked up your hotel, you can find their access page here.

Hope this helps!

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