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help, itinerary 24 days japan (august)

Help, itinerary 24 days Japan (August)


I'm traveling in August 24 days to Japan (+ arrival and departing day, both from Tokyo). Looking at guides and websites, I've crafted this itinerary. Could you please advise about it? We are getting a 21 days Japan Rail Pass.

Day 1: Nikko

Day 2: Matsumoto

Day 3: Takayama

Day 4: Shirakagawo

Day 5: Kanazawa

Day 6: stay in a temple?

Day 7: Himeji

Day 8: Kurashiki

Day 9: Hiroshima-Miyajima

Day 10: Osaka

Day 11: Koya-san

Day 12: Ise

Day 13: (free day)

Days 14-18: Kyoto (+ day trip to Nara)

Days 19-24: Tokyo (+ day trips to Kamakura and Hakone National Park).

Am I doing too much? Is there anything wonderful I'm missing? I've got doubts about days 12-13: I don't know if Ise is worth it and where to go the extra day. Day 18 I want to be in Kyoto for the Daimonji (bonfires at the end of the Obon).
Is the 21 days JPR worth it? Or should I use a 14 days + regional passes?

Any help would be much appreciated!



Hello there,

Your itinerary looks great and there's a lot of travel in here but not overly so. I do see that you travel to a new place every day, from experience I can tell you that it can be nice to stay somewhere for at least 2 nights. This way you have time to travel and explore. I suggest using a 21 day JR Pass, as you'll be travelling extensively from day 1 - 18 and plan on day trips after that as well.

For day 12-13, you could also visit the Izu peninsula or Shizuoka as alternatives, these places offer a bit more to see and do.

I would also suggest dropping Kurashiki and visiting Naoshima instead. Koya-san is perfect for a temple stay, which would also give you a free day on day 6. You could just add one day to your stay in Kanazawa. Alternatively you could visit Kobe, which is also a great and often forgotten destination.

Hope this helps,

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