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hello! help with my time in japan....a full month!

Hello! Help with my time in Japan....a full month!

I am trying to decide what to buy and if it is worth it, as far as JR Pass.

I arrive April 3 at Narita.
April 3-April 9 Tokyo
April 9-April 24 Tokushima
April 24-27 Osaka (side trip to Himeji)
April 27-30 Nara
April 30-May 4 Kyoto
May 4 Travel to Haneda Int'l Airport for evening flight.

I was considering a two week JR Pass,activating on April 23. But it seems like the sum of the main transit does not compare to the JRPass cost.

Tokushima>Osaka-10,250JYN, Osaka>Himeji(return)-7,480JYN, Osaka>Nara-800JYN, Nara>Kyoto-710JYN, Kyoto>Haneda-14,210JYN

CAD$ 2week JR Pass 485$
Total above in CAD$ 353$

Should I buy the 2 week pass? Will I be able to use it enough inside the cities to justify the cost? I know I read that Osaka has more JR Pass trains but that Kyoto does not.

Please help! :)


Unfortunately, as you have written above, it is not worth the cost. Since you are spending so much time in different areas, you might look at various regional passes to save money:


Hello there,

Just to be sure, will you spend April 9th - 24th in Tokushima? This seems a relative long time for a rather small city.

As you already counted out yourself, it is better to purchase normal tickets for your itinerary.

However JR Pass could be worth it if you plan to make a couple of trips from Tokushima to other places in Shikoku or Hiroshima for instance.

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