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haneda -> tokyo -> osaka -> kyoto -> nagoya -> narita

Haneda -> Tokyo -> Osaka -> Kyoto -> Nagoya -> Narita

I am visiting Japan in Feb 2016 for 9 days.

I will reach Haneda airport on 19 February n should be staying in Tokyo for 3 days n intend to visit Osaka, Kyoto n Nagoya for 2 days each n finally go Narita airport n take flight back.

If using JR pass what's the best way to use it? How to link is the best? Which allows me to travel to Narita airport?



Hi there,

The 7 day JR Pass can be a big help here. I recommend using it from Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto - Nagoya - Narita Airport. This will give you the best possible savings and cover all otherwise expansive train travel.

Travel within Tokyo is not expansive compared to travel around the country and you could just bu normal ticket there or look at a discounted day pass for the Tokyo Metro.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel .. Really appreciate yr reply ☺️


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