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Hello - can you advise me please.
Itinerary as follows

Arrive Osaka airport 2 October.
Depart Osaka airport 15 October

2nd October
Train to Uno
Ferry to Naoshima

7 October
Naoshima - Uno to Miyagamuchi
Ferry to Miyajima

10 October
Miyajima to Hiroshima
Horoshima to Kyoto

15 October
Kyoto to Osaka airpoprt.
1. Can you please advise me what is the best type of Rail Pass to buy?
2. Will the pass be valid on Ferrys?
3. Will the pass b e valid on Kyoto subways?
Thank you.


Hi there,

Here a little breakdown of ticket prices:

Kansai Airport --> Uno ¥ 9,130
Uno --> Miyajimaguchi ¥ 11,520
Miyajimaguchi ferry ¥ 170
Miyajima --> Hiroshima ¥ 570
Hiroshima --> Kyoto ¥ 10,990

This adds up to ¥ 32,380. I must say that it is a little hard to find the best option here!
You could make some good savings if you could make the above itinerary with a 7-day JR Pass (¥ 28.300).
I think that for now the best way is to buy train tickets as you travel.

In case you do get a JR pass, the ferry to Miyajima is covered but the other ferries and subway in Kyoto unfortunately not. In Kyoto I would recommend buying a all day bus pass which is just 500 yen :)

Enjoy Japan!

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Hi Daniel - thank you for going to so much trouble. Much appreciated. I think thats what I will do - buy the tickets along the way as i travel
Rgds - and thanks again, George


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