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from tokyo to mt fuji- please help!

From Tokyo to Mt Fuji- Please help!

Hello there,

I am really struggling to work out the best way to get to Mt Fuji from Tokyo?

We would ideally like to go from tokyo on a bullet train and stop and see the mountain for a few hours then get back on a bullet train on to Kyoto or Osaka.

Please could you tell me what is the best way to go about this? We are coming from the UK, can we buy a JR card from here? If not, how do we get one in Japan.

Any informatoin would be much appreciated!

Many thanks,



Hi Nate!

If that is the only travel you intend to do outside Tokyo, then I recommend you look into visiting Hakone from Shinjuku, or maybe a day trip to Kawaguchiko from Tokyo. These are the two "classic" spots for Mt Fuji viewing.

If you really want to use a bullet train, then you can catch the bullet train from Tokyo to Odawara, and use the Odakyu lines from here up to Hakone, or if you are saving money you can get a round trip ticket on non-bullet train from Shinjuku to Hakone. Alternatively you can get a JR-East non-Bullet day trip ticket to Kawaguchiko I think - stop by the tourist information center in Tokyo station for more on this but you will be able to purchase these in Japan.

If this is your only travel then I don't think I recommend a Japan Rail Pass as it's unlikely you'll make good enough savings to make one worthwhile.

I hope this helps!

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