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from tokyo to disney

From Tokyo to Disney


I just purchased 2x 14day rail passes. Trying to figure out my itinerary at this moment so I got a small question, that I can't seem to find the answer for anywhere...

We would like to go to Disneyland on the 2nd of May Thursday very early in the morning to be there to collect our tickets, chek in our hotel and line up to enter the park before the opening at 9am.

Would that be possible? -As I cannot find a schedule anywere for the trains.

Also the next day on Friday we would like to stay as late as we can in the parks and Ikspiarie (closes at 11pm) and take the train back to Tokyo. Is that possible?

Thanks a lot!


Hi there!

The station you need for Disneyland is Maihama here it is on the map.

As far as I can tell (I'm guessing you're coming from Tokyo), trains leave Tokyo regularly (the journey takes 13mins):

I hope this helps!

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