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from miyajima to tokyo

From Miyajima to Tokyo

Here is our itinerary. I'm worried about the last day - travelling back from Miyajima to Tokyo in one day for an evening flight. Could anyone provide an alternative, or advise the best way to get back to Tokyo?
We have a 14 day JR pass.
Tokyo, 6 nights
Hakone, 2 nights
Kyoto, 5 nights
Hiroshima, 3 nights
Miyajima, 1 night

Than back to Tokyo for an evening flight -8pm


Hi there,

That should not be too hard, although there is a lot of travel time involved.

Here is the route: Take the ferry back to Miyajimaguchi on the mainland of Japan, there take a local train to Hiroshima. From Hiroshima you can use the Shinkansen directly to Tokyo (altough you may have to make a transfer at Shin-Osaka). All together it should take about a little over 6 hours, so please plan carefully.

Here is an example route for reference.

Enjoy Japan!

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