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from hiroshima to kanazawa / kanazawa to tokyo

from Hiroshima to Kanazawa / Kanazawa to Tokyo

Hi everyone

I have purchased a JR Pass (7 days) and am hoping to get from Hiroshima to Kanazawa very early on 22/10/16.. with that plan come a few questions:

1) Would this journey be covered by my pass?
2) Would anybody have any re and if so can it be done online?commendation re the quickest way to get from one place to the other?
3) Should I reserve seat? and if so, can it be done online?
4) is it easy to get from Kanazawa to Tokyo?)

This is my very first time in Japan -(as you've probably guessed!) hooping to make the most out of it :)
thanks so much in anticipation


Hi there,

1.) Yes, it's fully covered by the JR Pass.

2.) The quickest route would be to take the Sakura Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Shin-Osaka and use the Thunderbird express from there. It is quite a nice route and looks like this.

3.) You can reserve seats in person at any JR Station. It is not possible to do so online.

4.) Yes, you can use the Hokuriku Shinkansen directly between Tokyo and Kanazawa. It is fully covered by the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you soo much for your reply cannot tell you how grateful I am

So excited to be going!!! :) thank you again for such a detailed reply :)


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