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Formula 1 intinerary


In October I'm planning to visit Japan with my husband and combine it with a trip to the Formula 1 event. Japan is highly on our bucket list and because we would love to visit a Formula 1 event as well, we thought why not combine it. But now the hard part, thinking about our travel itinerary.

I've already checked loads of sites and because we want to finish in Tokyo I came up with 2 options:
1. We fly into Osaka and travel directly to Kyoto. We stay there for 3 days and then we will activate our 7 day JR pass to travel to Hiroshima and then onwards to Nagoya. We will travel from Nagoya to Suzuka for 2 days and then continue our travels through the Alps to finish on our last day of the JR pass in Tokyo where we will spend a couple of days and fly back from Tokyo. OR
2. We fly into Osaka and travel directly to Nagoya to start with the Formula 1 race. After the race we activate our 7 day JR pass and start travelling to Kyoto, Hiroshima, through the Alps and then onwards to Tokyo.

I'm trying to decide what is more convenient......I know it is Golden Chinese Week in the beginning of October so it might be crowded in Kyoto if we do option 1, but I'm afraid it will become expensive with separate tickets for option 2. I've already know that the JR pass does not cover all costs to travel to Suzuka. So what would be the advice based on travel costs and/or crowded cities?

  • Buy a 7 day JR pass for option 1 and have around 300 yen one way (4x) extra to pay for the non JR train we need to get there?
  • OR start with the Formula 1 race but buy a Kintetsu Rail Pass (5 days) to travel from Osaka to Nagoya, Nagoya - Suzuka (2x) and then back to Kyoto. And after Kyoto buy a JR pass for 7 days to travel onwards?
  • OR .....?

Any advice appreciated :)


Hi there,

I think option 1 would be the best as it simply has less travel involved, meaning you have more time to enjoy Japan. Even with the JR Pass, it is normal to run in small parts of local travel not included in the JR Pass. A couple hundred yen here or there is to be expected.

If you are worried about the Chinese Golden week, simply book your accommodation well in advance and you will be fine.

Enjoy Japan!

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