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first trip to japan - best route options and places to visit?

First trip to Japan - best route options and places to visit?


My partner and I are planning our first trip to Japan together and we have in total 15 nights in Japan. We have made a list of places we would like to visit but would like some assistance on the best route or if there any other stop offs we could do along these destinations that would be worth a visit.

The route we are roughly planning is:

Narita Airport to Yudanaka (Nagano) - 1 night

Yudanaka (Nagano) > Mount Fuji - 1 night

Mount Fuji > Kyota - 4 nights

Kyota > Osaka - 4 nights

Osaka > Tokyo - 5 nights

Can we use the JR Pass easily to get to all of these places? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



Hello Lani,

Yes the JR Pass can be used to travel easily between all of the cities you plan to visit. What I am wondering about is what you have planned for Fuji, it is actually quite a big area and there are many different approaches possible.

For some basic ideas on Fuji, have a look here.

Also note that the last part from Nagano - Yudanaka is not covered by the JR Pass (¥ 1,260).

The rest looks good!

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