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feb 2016 trip

Feb 2016 trip

We are visiting Japan in Feb 2016. The plan is to be in Tokyo on 2/5 and we need to be in Nagasaki on 2/9 and leave Nagasaki on 2/11 th.

If I buy a JR pass see Tokyo, can we use it to go to Kyoto, maybe Hakone weather permitting and to go all the way to Osaka?
Can we use the JR pass to go to Nagasaki from Osaka? and how long is it by train vs. flying from Osaka to Nagasaki.


Hello there,

The JR Pass covers travel from Tokyo - Hakone - Osaka - Nagasaki and everything in between. You can make the stops whenever you feel like it.

Travel from Tokyo - Nagasaki in one go using the JR Pass is just below 500 minutes. So it's a rather long ride. Both Hakone (Odawara station) Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka are directly on the route. So you could make a stop in between where you like.

The flight (air) time from Tokyo Haneda to Nagasaki is about 110 minutes, however keep in mind that you still have to go to the airport, go trough procedures and also from Nagasaki Airport to the city. Hyperdia gives about 5 hours of travel time all together (excluding airport procedures), realistically speaking you should add at least 1 more hour.

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