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fastest way from hakone to takayama?

Fastest way from Hakone to Takayama?

We are planning to visit Japan in November, and I am trying to learn about the fastest, most efficient way to get from Hakone (Lake Kawaguchi) to Takayama. We would like to depart in the morning (although the exact departure time is flexible). I expect we will have a 14 day JR pass.

Looking online, it appears that there are two possible departure points: Otsuki station (this is probably closest to Lake Kawaguchi) or Gotenba station (sometimes written in English as Gotemba).

Using the Hyperdia website, it appears that the shortest route is about 5.5 hours (from either station, it looks like approximately 320 minutes), and may require first returning to Tokyo.

Is this all correct? Is this the best (fastest, most efficient) way to get from the Hakone area to Takayama?

Thank you for your assistance!


Hi there,

The route from Kawaguchiko to Takayama is not ideal at all. Here is an example route. The JR Pass will cover the route from Otsuki station, 429 Minutes in total from Kawaguchiko.

An alternative is to take an express bus Kawaguchiko - Mishima station and take the train from there. Route and time table information can be found HERE%20Timetable%20&%20Fare%20Chart.html). The fare Kawaguchiko - Mishima is 2,130 and takes 2h10min. From Mishima - Takayama is 269 Minutes by rail or about 400 minutes, excluding transfer time at Mishima station. This route could be a little faster but will cost a little a more.

The route mainly takes so long because there are a couple of mountains in the way and the train has to make a detour.

Hope this helps!

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