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exchange voucher in fukuoka

Exchange voucher in Fukuoka

Dear Sir/Madam,

In January I will be arriving at Fukuoka airport. The next day I want to travel to Nagasaki by bullet train using my Japan Rail Pass but Fukuoka is not on the list with exchange offices. Is it still possible for me to exchange my voucher somewhere in/near Fukuoka ?

Yours faithfully,



Hi Muntje!

Confusingly, the main JR station in Fukuoka is called Hakata (Hakata is the old name for part of the town that became present day Fukuoka). Hakata station does have an excellent exchange office which is open 05:30-23:00.

Here's a map of the JR Hakata location for you in Fukuoka:

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Hope this helps!

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Dear Mari-san,

This helps as lot! Thank you so much for making this clear even with a map and such. I really appreciate it.

Yours sincerely,



Hakata Station is the obvious place, but you can get a nationwide list of all places here.

For Fukuoka, there are many open parks, shopping, seaside historical areas, and urban neon. See this site as a good guide.

For Fukuoka, don't miss the Nanzoin Temple which is one of Japan's finest yet almost totally unknown to the outside world and completely FREE!

Look into a Fukuoka Tourist City Pass also.

You can also see a lot of previews on the best there is to see here.


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