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enough time to change trains?

Enough time to change trains?

Im making my itinerary on Hyperadia, taking trains from Hiroshima to Narita to catch an evening flight. It gives us Hiroshima - Shin Kobe - Shinagawa - Narita in 373mins (I've booked Green Seats since a long trip...). Do you think 15 minutes between each change is enough? it doesn't specify platform numbers in Shin Kobe and Shinagawa so I'm worried we'll miss connections. Are they large stations? Thankyou in advance for any advice.


Both are not small stations, but not huge either. 15 minutes should be enough time if you know which platform to go to.


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Making a Shinkansen to Shinkansen transfer is easy most of the time. This because each station has a special Shinkansen section and you stay within this area. Generally it means going down one escalator and up the next. So transferring at Shin-Kobe should be no problem.

The transfer at Shinagawa will be more tricky because you will have to go from the Shinkansen tracks to the normal rail services. First exit the Shinkansen area via the Shinkansen ticket gate, from there make your way to the normal tracks. The Narita Express usually departs from track 13. A full station guide can be found here by Takeshi. About 5 minutes should be enough though to make the transfer.

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