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do you recommend 2 weeks jr pass

Do you recommend 2 weeks JR pass

Hi, we plan to visit Japan early Oct till end of Oct. we have 22 days and will fly in and out of Tokyo international airport. This is what we have do you suggest we get 2 weeks JR pass? Also, we are interest in nature if you can recommend other day trip would be appreciated.

Day1-2 in Tokyo, (include day trip to Hakone

Day 3-10 in Kyoto (day trip to Osaka, Kobe, Nara, Mt.?

Day 11 hike from Magome to Tsumago - should we stay overnight in Nagoya and hike on day 12?

Day 12 /13 hike from Tsumago to Fukushima

Day 14 hike to Nara

Day 15 - 19 Tokyo ( day trip to mt. Fuji)

Day 20 fly home


Hello Kara,

I am not completely sure about whether a JR Pass would help you make savings or not. You will be travelling a good amount but also stay locally in Tokyo and Kansai for a period. To be sure, I recommend using our fare calculator in order to put together the complete cost of your itinerary.

That said, you could include a couple of day trips a bit further to get the best out of a JR Pass and explore the more remote parts of Japan.

A couple of options that come to mind:

Onomichi a lovely and picturesque harbour town. You can make a beautiful hike up the mountain or visit one of the smaller Shikoku islands by ferry.

Hagi a small historic town to the north of Hiroshima.

Kumano Kodo pelgrim trail. Doing from Wakayama all the way to Shikoku.

Iya valley a very remote valley in the mountains of Shikoku.

Hope this helps!

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