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Direction, Itinerary, Duration to many places in Japan from Nagano to Oita.

about 3 years ago
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Hi Daniel san, How are you? I need help with my itinerary. :) Its very lengthy..gomen nasai! :)

1) I need to know which shinkansen or any other transportations that i need to use to go to certain place. Where can i get the train and which train? Duration of the journey? Sorry for the trouble. :)

2) What is the Green line/route on the JR Map.

Japan Feb 2015 Travel Itinerary

8 Feb : Sunday Morning - Arrived Tokyo (Free & Easy in Tokyo)

9 Feb : Tokyo City Tour = (I'm familiar with tokyo)

10 Feb: Tokyo to Nagano (2 Nights in Nagano) (Preferably early Morning train to Nagano) = Where can i get the train and which train? How long does it take to reach Nagano from Tokyo. And how long does it take to reach the Jigokudani area from the JR train station?

11 Feb : Nagano (Full day tour) I really wanna see the Snow Monkey at Jigokudani Onsen. Any other recommended places to visit nearby? Is possible to visit the Snow valley at this time? Please assist me the with the direction to go to these 2 places; jigokudani and Snow valley alpine route.

12 Feb : Nagano to Gifu ( Gifu 1 night ) Where can i get the train and which train to go to Gifu from Nagano? How long does it take to reach Shirakawa? I want to visit the Gassho-Zukuri . And how long(duration) does it take to reach the Gassho-Zukuri from the JR train station?

13 Feb : Gifu to Osaka ( 2 Nights in Osaka) ( Morning train to go to Osaka from Gifu)

14 Feb: Osaka (Day Tour Osaka)

15 Feb : Osaka to Oita (Morning train to Oita) ( Is it true we have to exchange train at Kokura in order for us to go to Beppu? ) I want to stay in Beppu area. From kokura which train i should take? what is the route? How long does it take to reach beppu from Kokura. :)

16 Feb : Oita (Oita day tour)

17 Feb : Oita to Tokyo (Morning train to Tokyo) (This is going to be the longest journey from Oita straight to Tokyo) and we have to take sanyo shinkansen and tokaido shinkansen right in order to go back straight to Tokyo.and how long is the duration of the journey?)

18 Feb : Tokyo to Mt Fuji to Tokyo ..( the most recommended breathtaking place to view Mt fuji ..and how to get there from Tokyo and how long is the duration?)

19 Feb : Tokyo ( Full day tour )

20 Feb : Tokyo to Narita (10 am ETD)

Once again, Thank you very much. :)

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about 3 years ago
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Hello there,

Sorry for the late replay, a lengthy post needs a lengthy answer though!

1.) Before we get started with your itinerary, I'd like to recommend leaning to plan with, this is absolutely the best resource when it comes down to traveling in Japan. It can show you route information, travel times, fares and much more. See our blog with all the details. This will also help you a lot when traveling in Japan.

2.) The green lines are all JR lines, in other words you can use the JR Pass to travel on them freely. The are however no Shinkansen (bullet trains).

3.) To travel to Jigokudani, first take the Nagano shinkansen from Tokyo station to Nagano (105 Minutes). See this link for access details to Jigokudani.
Other nice places to visit near Nagano are Nagano city itself and Yudanaka has nice onsen. Travel to the Alpine Snow valley is too far away to do on the same day, the route alone takes nearly a full day to transverse. You can find the access details here if you do want to visit it.

4.) Here is the route from Nagano - Gife its about 4h of travel by train. To travel to Shirakawago, take a train to Takayama and from there a bus (about 1.5h) to Shirakawago.

5.) Here is the full route to Beppu. There is indeed a transfer at Kokura.Travel back to Tokyo takes 437 Minutes.

Fuji is indeed amazing! However there are many areas to visit. The most famous are Fuji Five lakes, Hakone and Gotemba. More on travel can Fuji can be found here.

Hope this helps,

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about 3 years ago
                          9 AM:    NAGANO  [ Departure track No.6 ] 

                                LTD. EXP (WIDE VIEW) SHINANO 6

                                  (Nagano to Nagoya)   (181 minutes)

             NAGOYA  [ Arrival track No.11 / Departure track No.5 ] 

                                    JR Tokaido Line Local

                                       (Nagoya to Gifu)  (26 minutes)

                                      12:30 PM :  Reach Gifu

the question LTD. EXP (WIDE VIEW) SHINANO 6 covered by JR Pass?

thank you mr daniel san! :)

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about 3 years ago
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Hi again!

Yes it's completely covered by the JR Pass :)

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about 3 years ago

JR pass is so convenient!!! XD can't wait to visit Japan! Thanksss! wait for more questions. hehe


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