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cost saving?

Cost saving?

Good day to you,

I hope someone can help me with this. I tried using Hyperdia but I got confused and couldn't figure out which route is serviced by private trains and which route is serviced by JR. So this is how my itinerary looks like:

Narita airport to Tokyo

Day trips:

Tokyo to Kamakura (round trip)

Tokyo to Mt. Fuji (round trip)

Leaving Tokyo to Osaka

Day trips:

Osaka to Kyoto (at least twice) (round trip)

Osaka to Nara (round trip)

Leaving Osaka back to Tokyo

Tokyo to Narita Airport.

Now I have two questions:

1- the duration of our entire stay is 21 days. I wish to buy the first class ticket. Am I saving money by buying a 21-say Green JR Pass? If not, What if I add to the list above Osaka-Hiroshima?

2- If I had to choose, which one is a nicer/more things to see area to view Mt. Fuji: five lakes or Hakone?

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Hi there,

1.) Its hard to say for sure without knowing how many days you plan to spend in each place but I think it would be better to look at a 7 or 14 day JR Pass and cover the expancive routes with it than use a 21 day JR Pass. As it is now, you would not make savings with a 21 day JR Pass. Adding a trip to Hiroshima from Osaka and maybe Nikko from Tokyo would certainly change that.

2.) This is somewhat personal but I think the view of Fuji is better from around the Fuji 5 Lakes, at the same time, there is much more to do around Hakone and Hakone is much easier to access from Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka. Because it has its own Shinkansen station (Odawara).

Hope this helps,

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