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checking if jr pass worth it - osaka day trips, tokyo

Checking if JR pass worth it - Osaka day trips, Tokyo

Hi all!

I have had a look at Hyperdia and it seems like its worth it, but just wanted to check with some real people if a JR pass is my best bet - I'm staying in Osaka for 4 nights and want to do some day trips to Nara, Kyoto etc. (I also want to get to Hiroshima too), and then I was planning on travelling to Tokyo by train too, where I'm staying for 2 nights.

Thank you!


Hi There,

Visiting Hiroshima and Tokyo from Osaka makes the JR Pass more than pay for itself. From there any other travel with also go towards savings made with the JR Pass.

Have a great trip!

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It depends on your time frame, but if within 7 days, that would pay off handsomely for a 7 day pass and a 14 day pass would work as well. But are you returning to Osaka to leave Japan?


Thank you both for replying! ^^

Tots emo, I'm leaving Japan from Tokyo, so I won't be returning to Osaka.


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