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can i use the jr pass for this trip?

Can I use the JR Pass for this trip?


I am planning a trip to December, itinerary as follows:

14 Dec: Narita Airport to Nagano (Shinkansen Hakutaka)
17 Dec: Nagano to Kawaguchiko (Shinkansen Asama / JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Local for ISOGO / JR Musashino Line for FUCHUHOMMACHI / JR Chuo Line Rapid Service for TAKAO / JR Chuo Line for KOBUCHIZAWA and Fujikyu Railway for KAWAGUCHIKO)

I was considering taking the 7 day pass. Would this be worth buying? Can I use the JR Pass for most of the trains I mentioned above?

Thank you for your consideration!


Hi there,

While the JR Pass covers nearly all your travel, it would be more economic to buy buy normal tickets. You can use our Fare Calculator to find the exact cost of your itinerary.

Hope this helps,

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