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can i send a jrpass to be received in japan instead? (i've waited too long to order one in time)

Can I send a JRPass to be received in Japan instead? (I've waited too long to order one in time)


I'm leaving for Japan on Monday, in three days, and I have NOW decided that I do in fact want to buy a JRPass.
I realize that I will not be able to receive my Exchange Ticket in time for my trip if I would book it now, but, I read another person's question and he was advised that it is possible to have one's JRPass delivered to Japan instead.

So I would like to know a little more about how this works please :)

I have never experienced receiving mail to a hotel before (let alone a hotel in Japan^) and I would like to know how to do it properly.

The extended delivery time is not a problem for me since I will be buying a Suica+N'EX package at Narita airport, and will be staying in the Tokyo area for about a week.
Then, if possible, I will use a 7-days JRPass to travel to Kyoto-Osaka-Nara and then back to Tokyo within those 7-days.

I have currently booked three nights, Tue-Wed-Thu night, in the same hotel.
I could make sure to stay in that hotel until I have received the Pass.

I am also considering getting a 14-days Pass since it does cover some trains and buses in Tokyo too, and since it will give me more time to visit the other cities and places around Tokyo if I find something interesting to do that I hadn't thought about yet, AND so that it will cover the return trip to Narita airport (I'm staying more than 2 weeks so the N'EX Round-trip Ticket will not work for me since it is only valid for 2 weeks if I've understood everything correctly).

That was quite a lot of questions but I hope someone will have time to answer me before Monday :)

Kind Regards


Hi there!

We may be able to help you provided you place your order before you get to Japan (we are unable to accept orders from within Japan as per the terms of the Japan Rail Pass). Please contact to make sure we can meet your schedule and for further assistance. I can say that if you do decide to send it to your hotel, that you should make sure they are aware that you will be expecting a delivery.

Yes - you are correct about the NEX round trip validity being short. You could opt for the Keisei Skyliner+Metro card deals which will secure you roughly the same discount and are valid for longer, however it very much is a matter of choice I think :)

I hope this helps!

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Thank you for the answer :)
I have now written to the support and asked them about this.

If you think it's pretty much the same to get Skyliner+Metro card or a one way Suica+N'EX card then I'm going with the Suica NEX because I think the idea of having a refillable Suica card sounds convenient.^

I was thinking of getting the 14-days JRPass since it covers a few buses and trains both in the Kyoto-Osaka-Nara area and the Tokyo area right? Plus the return trip to Narita.



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