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best places to visit for 15 days

best places to visit for 15 days

hi. i want to make the most out of our 15 days in japan since its our first time to travel here. ;)
we are coming from narita and stay in tokyo for a night. then 3 days 2 nights in osaka then 3 days 2 nights in kyoto then go back to tokyo umejime since out accommodation i mainly there. i would appreciate it alot if you can help me make an itinerary for 15 days and 14 nights. i wanna see everything in japan as much as possible ;) we arrive at narita on aug 7 then departs on aug 21 at narita also. thank you so much. ;)



Everyone has their own idea of "best", so you need to please think more about what you want to see and do, and then do more research. Saying " i wanna see everything in japan" is simply too broad and vague. There is something in Japan for everyone, but you need to prioritize what is important for you. For example, there are castles, temples/shrines, museums, gardens, shopping, dining, nature, and so on.

Start with some basic questions - are you content with going down the established tourist route, or do you want more to get off the beaten path?

Are you more interested in the traditional Japan, or the more modern culture and society?

What is your travel pace? Do you want to thoroughly see a given area, or be more eclectic in many places?

After all, if you don't know where you are going, you'll never get there. Those who go to Japan and "just wing it" will probably miss out on the best places in the country.
Once you have thought things through, then you can make some decisions and ask more pointed questions. You also might look through the Japan National Tourist Organisation database, plus every major city has its own local tourist page to look through.

Best of luck.


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