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best options for travelling japan rail

Best options for travelling Japan Rail


My Wife and I are arriving at Haneda airport on the 5th of Feb, staying in Shinjuku for 5 nts. Then travelling to Hakuba for 7 nts. After this we are going to Kyoto on the 17th for 2 nts then on to Osaka for 3 nts and flying out of KIX to KL. What are the best options for our travel itinerary, 4 day flexi pass or should we just pay individual tickets between the major destinations?

Thank you.


Hi there,

Looking at costs:
Tokyo --> Hakuba, from Tokyo to Nagano by Shinkansen: ¥ 7,970 than by bus to Hakuba about ¥ 1,800.
Hakuba --> Kyoto. Bus back to Nagono (again about ¥ 1,800) and than the train train to Kyoto ¥ 10,630.
Your total train costs in this event would be ¥ 18,600.
I think the best option would be to buy separate ticks as a 4 day flexi kanto pass (20,000 Yen) would not be price efficient and does not cover the bus.

Hope this answers your question,

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