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best arrangement - tokyo > hakone > nagoya > osaka > kyoto > tokyo

Best Arrangement - Tokyo > Hakone > Nagoya > Osaka > Kyoto > Tokyo


I'm new to Japan and would like to find out what is the best arrangement for 12 days trip.

29 Nov - Touch down at Tokyo, and immediate travel to Hakone (2 night stay)
01 Dec - Travel from Hakone to Nagoya (2 night stay)
03 Dec - Travel from Nagoya to Osaka (3 night stay)
06 Dec - Traval from Osaka to Kyoto (3 night stay)
09 Dec - Travel from Kyoto back to Tokyo and leave Japan on next day (1 night stay)

Could someone advise whether it will be better to get a 7 days pass + some single trips or a 14 days pass to cover the entire trip? What will be the best arrangement if I will to buy a 7 days pass. Any other tips will also be most welcome. Thanks in advance.


Hi there!

I think the best way to travel around would be to buy normal tickets as you travel. The 7 Day JR Pass would be great if you could do your travel from Dec 1 - Dec 9 with it but with your since you've got a nice amount of time in each city the JR Pass would expire before you could make good use of it.

You may want to consider a [Hakone Free Pass]9 when you travel to Hakone, as it offers unlimited travel on all kinds of transportation in the Area and comes with some nice discounts.

Have a great trip!

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the advise. May I know where can I find the price for single trip, timing and travel duration so that I can work out my traveling plan?



Hi Des,

Yes you can use for planning and route information (such as ticket prices, travel time and transfer information). Hyperdia shows a lot of information and this can be a little overwhelming when you start using it. I would recommend reading out blog post on how to plan with Hyperdia to get your started.


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