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basic itinerary check and 7 day pass.

Basic Itinerary check and 7 Day Pass.

Hi there,

My boyfriend and I are travelling to Japan for 2 weeks in May 2017!

We have made a rough itinerary of where we want to go and when.

Note: we have only listed one or two main items for each day so far. This is just to give a general idea for now.

We are mostly looking at feedback on whether or main structure is doable.

Could you advise if this looks okay? We attempting to structure it in a way that we weren't travelling too far on any given day.

We are also wondering if we should get the 7 day pass, or 14 day one?

Friday 12 - Arrive in Tokyo in evening. Dinner/Relax.
Saturday 13 - Tokyo - Exploring within city
Sunday 14 - Studio Ghibli Museum (tickets will be booked in Feb)
Monday 15 - Shopping/Akihabara
Tuesday 16 - Day Trip to Nikko
Wednesday 17 - Osaka - Aquarium
Thursday 18 - Osaka - USJ/Dontonbori
Friday 19 - Miyajima - stay over
Saturday 20 - Hiroshima and Kyoto in evening/gion
Sunday 21 - Inari/Nara
Monday 22 - Bamboo
Tuesday 23 - Kinosaki, ryokan stay
Wednesday 24 - Head back to kyoto in afternoon
Thursday 25 - Kyoto
Friday 26 - Kyoto, then late night flight home.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi there,

Its certainly doable and a fun route to travel. With a little bit of tweaking, a 7 day JR Pass would be your best option.

In order to get the best use our of a JR Pass, I would switch Kinosaki-Onsen with Nara. Travel to Kinosaki is a lot more expensive (around 6,500yen/one way) while Nara is just 720yen one way. It would make a lot more sense to use your JR Pass to travel to Kinosaki-Onsen and then buy normal tickets to Kyoto. I would then use the 7 day JR Pass from the 16th to the 22nd to.

Hope this helps,

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