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april in japan - 15 days -

APRIL IN JAPAN - 15 days -

We would like to have our itinerary checked.

DAY 1: arrive to Narita - night in tokyo
DAY 2: from tokyo visit kamakura, while returning visit yokohama - night in tokyo
DAY 3: from tokyo visit hakone - night in tokyo
DAY 4: from tokyo visit nikko - night in tokyo
DAY 5: JP RAILPASS 1 : early in The morning from tokyo to takayama pr kanasawa- night in takayama ir kanasawa.
DAY 6: JP RAILPASS 2: early in The morning from takayama ir kanasawa to kyoto- night in kyoto
DAY 7: JP RAILPASS 3: kyoto - night in kyoto
DAY 8: JP RAILPASS 4: from kyoto to nara, while going visit fushimi inari- night in kyoto
DAY 9: JP RAILPASS 5: from kyoto yo mont koya - night un kyoto
DAY 10: JP RAILPASS 6: from kyoto to hiroshima, evening in miyahima - night un kyoto
DAY 11: JP RAILPASS 7: late in The afternoon from kyoto to tokyo- night in tokyo
DAY 12: tokyo- night in tokyo
DAY 13: tokyo- night in tokyo
DAY 14: tokyo- night in tokyo
DAY 15: tokyo- night in tokyo
DAY 16: tokyo- narita

We Also have a few questions:

  • We plan to buy a 7 days jp railpass, It would be better to buy a 14 days pass? Or is more convenient to have a 7 days pass and pay The round trip from tokyo to hakone,kamakura and nikko? What is The price of Those trips?

  • are there enough days to explore kyoto?

  • We need to choose one of these cities?takayama or kanasawa?

  • we left these cities away because of The time. Should we reconsider visiting any of these cities and taking away another one we did choose? Himeji, kobe, ise, osaka, nagoya.

Thanks for your answer!!!


Hi there!

Looks like good planning! You will cover all your pricey and long distance travel with the JR Pass. I think that you will get the most out of your 7 day JR Pass the way that it is planned now.

You could also consider a 14 day JR Pass and enjoy a little more flexibility during your travel. The difference in price between the 7 day and 14 day JR Pass is 16,800yen and this can be quickly made up for.

Here's a list of normal JR ticket prices:
Narita Airport - Tokyo ¥ 2,940 (one way)
Tokyo - Odawara ¥ 7,280 (Shinkansen station for Hakone, return)
Tokyo - Nikko (return) ¥ 10,860
Tokyo - Kamakura (return) ¥ 890

Note that you would already be making good savings with the 14 day JR Pass if you just did your itinerary from day 5-11 with it, so the main reason why to consider a 14 day JR Pass would be for the extra freedom it offers. For instance you could visit both Takayama and Kanazawa and make a visit to Kobe or Himeji for instance without having to worry about tickets prices.

As for your question Takayama or Kanazawa? This is a hard one, I love both places but they offer different kinds of things. I would recommend reading about both and make a list of what you would like to see both, than decide on that.

One last tip for your day trips from Tokyo, I see that you plan on making them all in the begin, personally I would recommend moving one or two to your later days in Tokyo, this way your travel may be a little more relaxed.

Hope this helps!

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