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am confused

Am confused

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1- our itenerary is arrival at narita airport march 28th, stay in Tokyo until march 31, travel to Kyoto for 3 days then return back to Tokyo on April 4th and fly out on April 6th. We have just purchased a 7 day pass, can we buy tickets to and from the airpot to Tokyo separately online or at the airport?

2- does this 7 day pass include the JR East lines or any other lines inside of Tokyo?

3- do we have to reserve seats on our trips or are they all first come first serve basis?


Hi there!

It is only short time before you fly to Japan, so I hope these answers help!
1.) You can buy tickets and make seat reservations once you are in Japan, this can be done the moment when you activate your JR-Pass. If you wish to to do so, just tell the staff and they will reserve the seats for you.

2.) Yes it does! Not only JR East but nation wide, you can also use the pass on local lines in Tokyo, like the Yamanote line which is very handy to travel around with.

3.) Most train cars will be reserved seating but you can also just show your JR-Pass and sit down in one of the unreserved seats. Since seat reservations is free, it is recommended to do so.

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