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9days at japan

9days at japan


I will be arriving at Osaka KIX airport on 13/12/2014 And below is my tentative itinerary.

13/12 - one day trip in Osaka
14/12 - take a flight to Sapporo and spend 3 days 2 nights. Places of interest - fish market, otaru, lake toya and hakodate
16/12 - take flight back from Hakodate to tokyo. 3 days 2 nights at Tokyo including hakone
18/12 - Kyoto - to spend 3 days 2 nights
21/12 - depart from Osaka KIX

a. Is the route okay? Please advise if you think there better route option
b. JR pass necessary? If yes, when should I start activating my JR pass since There are 2 days that won't be covered by JR pass.
c. I want to try out the overnight train to get to hokkaido / out from hokkaido just to get the experience. What are the costs involved? JR pass applicable?

Appreciate your advise.



Hello there,

1.) The route looks fine, you don't cover any unnecessary terrain.

2.) I checked your itinerary to see if a JR Pass would be useful, however by flying you take away the part where the JR Pass would be most helpful and would therefor advise buying normal tickets for the rest.

3.) You could try to get on the Hamanasu night train between Sapporo - Hokkaido, this train is covered by the JR Pass if you have one.

Hope this helps,

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