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9 nights tokyo -osaka

9 nights Tokyo -Osaka

Im confused choosing the right JR Pass , please help me check my itinerary . thankyou
Here is my itinerary :

Day 1 : Shinjuku area
Day 2 : Disneysea
Day 3 : Going to Gala Yuzawa
Day 4 : Shopping district ( Ginza , Ropponggi , Shibuya , etc )
Day 5 : Mt Fuji
Day 6 : Going to Kyoto
Day 7 : Kimono rent and strolling arround kyoto
Day 8 : Going to Osaka
Day 9 : strolling arround osaka
Day 10 : going to kobe to eat kobe beef and go back to Osaka for heading to Kansai airport

My questions :
-What kind of Jr Pass do i Need for this trip ? - Which one better : Jr Kanto pass + Gala Yuzawa option ticket + kansai thru pass / Japan national raill pass 7 days ? - does all the jr pass including metro inside city ? Such as ( osaka , kyoto , tokyo )

Thankyou guys .


Hello there,

In terms of convenience, I think the 7 day JR Pass is the better option. You could use it from day 3-9 to make the best savings. Going to Gala Yuzawa (14580yen return to Tokyo) and from Tokyo - Kyoto ¥ 13,800. The JR Pass can also be used for local travel within Tokyo and Osaka on the local JR lines, these can be used of see most of both cities. Including Ginza, Ropponggi, Shibuya. The metro/subway is not covered by any JR Pass.

You will also only require one ticket for all travel making it easy to get around.

Hope this helps,

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