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9 days in kyushu

9 days in Kyushu

Hi all,

Grateful for your advice on my holiday to Kyushu. We have 9 days and love leisurely holidays.

We wish to cover the main sights in Northern Kyushu, enjoy yummy food, relaxing onsens and essentially have a good time.

The Northern Kyushu JR pass sounds good, though would driving provide more flexibility? If we drive one way and train back, shld we drive east and train back west? Or vice versa? (We enter/exit via Fukuoka)

Volcano sightseeing - Mt Aso or Sakurajima?

Onsen - We would like to stay 2 nites at 2 onsen sites. Kurokawa and Yufuin? Or Kurokawa and Beppu?

My initial plan as follows... Any thoughts? Any good onsen to share?

Day 1-2: arrive late evening Fukuoka, 2 nights in the city
Day 3: Mt Aso (or Sakurajima?) for 1 nite
Day 4-5: Mt Aso tour, head to Kurokawa for 2 nites
Day 6-7: off to Yufuin (or Beppu?) for 2 nites
Day 8 - back to Fukuoka... Last nite in Japan :(
Day 9 - depart Fukuoka

Many thanks in advance. Cheers!


Hi there!

Secretly I've always thought that Kyushu is the best part of Japan and the JR trains going around the island are very nice as well. In general I think trains provide the best way of traveling around, they are fast and very convenient. Only when you travel to Kurokawa could a car be convenient, at the same time there are multiple buses going there from Aso.

Mt. Aso or Sakura-Jima.
For Vulcano seeing, mount Aso is really a volcano which you can visit and even look into. The Aso area also offers great hiking trains. At the same time a visit to Aso can be relatively quick, there's not much to do and see except for the volcano.

Sakura Jima is a volcanic island in the bay of Kagoshima. The view alone is worth the visit. Sakura Jima is an active vulcano and there's always a plum of smoking rising out the the crater. It is possible to visit Sakura Jima island but you can't go up all the way because of gases.

Going east or west, there's not really a difference. I would probably go to Aso/Sakurajima first and end my stay with a relaxing spa in Beppu before returning home. When you are going south, consider a stop over at Kurume, this place offers some of the best ramen in Japan.

Hope this helps!

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Daniel-san, thanks so much for your advice. Will bear them in mind when finalising the plan... And the ramen link's just totally awesome!! :)

Have a good day!


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