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9 day itinerary check

9 Day Itinerary Check


I just booked my flight to japan and am looking for some help with deciding what the best way is to maximize my time in japan.

Here is my plan:

March 31 arrival at Nagoya @ 8PM Am i better to depart that night to tokyo or in the morning
April 1 Arrive in tokyo
April 2 Mt Fuji
April 3 Explore Tokyo More At night leave for Kyoto
April 4 Explore Kyoto leave for Osaka
April 5 explore osaka
April 6 Hiroshima
April 7th (if possible go to Nagasaki)
April 8th A possible day to add to whatever i need more time at
April 9th fly out 8 Am

With all this in mind, A is it possible and B is there any major things I'm missing ? Whats my best bet travel wise? from the research I've done, its best to get a ticket to tokyo then start my 7 day pass on saturday morning?

Thanks a ton,



Hi Cal,

8PM will be too late to travel on from Nagoya to Tokyo, so book your first night in Nagoya or near the airport.

From there a JR Pass will be very handy, as you will be traveling a lot. At the same time, I do recommend returning to Nagoya or the place you will be departing from, as ticket prices can cost a lot without a JR Pass. So after Nagasaki, I would recommend return to either Nagoya or at least the Kansai Area (Kyoto/Osaka/Nara). I could add more places to visit but I think that you are already fully booked and adding more would not leave enough time to enjoy each place.

Hope this helps,

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