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7days pass w 3days special or 14days pass

7days pass w 3days special or 14days pass

i'll be arriving at Haneda on 3rd Apr 0530 and heading to kyoto straight from tokyo station until 8th Apr.
on 9th, i'll be travelling to tokyo. during my stay in kyoto, i'll be touring around osaka and kobe.
should i get a 7 days pass with a 3days special or just get a 14days pass?
3rd-8th kyoto+osaka+kobe
8th-11th tokyo+ airport


Hi there!

I think in this situation I would recommend a 7 day rail pass from the 3rd-9th. You should supplement this with either tickets as needed, or (depending on the amount of travel in the cities), the Surutto Kansai Pass, which should give you free travel around the cities you list in Kansai and includes metro travel too. Combined with the JR Pass this will give you full travel coverage while you are in Kansai.

Hope this helps!

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