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7days in japan

7days in Japan

Hi, i would like to know your comments on our itinerary.. we're visiting japan this week..

Day 1 - arrive in osaka
Day 2 - universal studios
Day 3 - Kyoto sightseeing (temples); travel to Tokyo via JR pass
Day 4 - Tokyo sightseeing [What places do you recommend for us to visit aside from shopping areas?]
Day 5 - Mt Fuji [We actually ran out of vacant tours. Is it possible if we go there on our own?]
Day 6 - Disneysea
Day 7 - travel back to Osaka; Osaka sightseeing [What are the must-see places in Osaka?]

Hope to receive your comments soon.




Hey Chris,
What people do on visits is usually a matter of taste. I'll throw in a couple of offbeat suggestions.
But first, you're too late to climb Fuji-san. It's already closed to all but pro climbing teams who have to get permits for off- season climbs. You'll probably get a great view from the Shinkansen on the way too and from Tokyo though.
Tokyo - the area where most of the equipment bought by restaurants is called Kappabashi-Dori. The public are welcome, and you can buy plastic sushi, fake beers which look drinkable, etc. Up the street and just down a side road is a knife shop called Tsubaya, the finest collection of handmade cooking knives I have every seen. A large percentage of sushi chefs buy their knives there. If you like to cook, this area is well worth the visit.
If you're in Tokyo on a weekend, go to Harajuku station and try both the shops and the park. You'll see a lot of counterculture going on, it's great fun.
An offbeat place to shop, with lots of crafts and second- hand places as well is in Shimo-Kitazawa. Lots of cafes and places to eat, too.
For nightlife, Roppongi is famous and justly so. Try a Robotoyaki restaurant - Izakaya is expensive but great fun and well- worth the cost.
Personally, I would skip Ginza for shopping - all the high- end stuff you can get anywhere.
Lastly, I'll leave Osaka to others who know it better for comment. (I would spend one more day in Kyoto!) There is a JR limited express train which goes from Kyoto to the airport and makes only a couple of stops (including, of course, Osaka.)
Have a great trip.


Hi Chris and frequentJPvisitor,

Great post frequentJPvisitor!

To throw in a couple of my own favourites. In Osaka you could visit Shinsekai this is a great visit. This part of town was build back 1912 with the idea of how the world would look like in the next century. The result is that it now looks like a nostalgic futuristic town.

An other must visit in Osaka is the Shinsaibashi/Dotonbori/Namba. This area is great for shopping and there are many many many small shops but also big stores such as Apple. The atmosphere in the area is great and is what you might except from Japan when reading a brochure.


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Thanks Daniel-san! I will take your suggestions myself and get to know Osaka better. You must have a fave Okonomiyaki place there - any hints?
(I tend to like the gritty, street- side vendors with the plastic sheets to keep the wind out - not all Green Car for me ;-) Enjoying your posts!


Hi fJPv,

Yours are interesting too, it's nice to read your thoughts on Japan and places to visit! Usually I follow my Japanese friends into a place as locals definitely know best!

In a way it's frustrating as I know the way to a couple but not their names. One very famous one is Dohtonbori in Dotonbori Osaka.

Don't forget your pint of Asahi!

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