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7 or 14 day pass?

7 or 14 day pass?

hi, My wife and I will arrive in Tokyo Narita on April 5th. we'll stay in the tokyo area until the 9th, possibly with a day trip to Nikko during that time. On the 9th we'll travel to Nagano, stay in the area two nights, go on to Kyoto for two nights, go on to Hiroshima for one night and then return to tokyo on the 14th. On the 15th we may take a day trip out to Matsumoto to see the castle. We leave from narita on the 16th. I am thinking to purchase 7 day passes and activate them on the 9th to cover the travel to Hiroshima and back including matsumoto. This leaves us paying separately for local travel around tokyo including a possible day trip to Nikko. I am thinking it is not worth the extra for the 14 day pass as it looks like Nikko round trip on the Tobu line is around $26.00 each. what do you think?


Hello there!

I agree with your assessment, using the 7 day JR Pass for your nation wide travel and then buying normal tickets for local travel around Tokyo would be the best way to go about your plans.

The difference is price between a 7day and 14 day JR pass is 16,800yen. So you'd have to do at least this amount in travel for it to be worth it. Do keep in mind that with the JR Pass you can use the Shinkansen to Nikko, this reduces travel time by at least 1h each way and is a lot more comfortable.

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