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7 nights, 6 days itinerary

7 Nights, 6 Days Itinerary

Hello! I will be traveling for the first time to Japan next month for 7 nights (flight gets to Osaka in the evening) and 6 days. I already purchased my 7-Day JR Pass and would like to make the most of it, but I would like to hear your opinion about my itinerary:

Day 1 (evening) - stay for the night at one of the hotels in Osaka

Day 2
(early morning) - spend the morning in Kyoto. I specifically just want to see Fushimi Inari Shrine and explore Higashiyama District. (late afternoon) - go to Hiroshima (specifically Mayajima and Peace Memorial Park) (evening) - Take the night train from Hiroshima to Tokyo

Day 3
(early morning) - walk around Tokyo for a bit, then go to Gunma and stay at one of the Prince Hotels there (evening) - hang out with my friend after she gets off work

Day 4
- Hang out with my friend (evening) - go back to Tokyo

Day 5 - Hang out with some friends in Tokyo

Day 6 -
Spend the whole day alone in Tokyo and explore the places we didn't get to go to the previous day (for some me time)
(evening) Take night train back to Osaka

Day 7
Spend the rest of the day exploring Osaka
Leave in the evening


Hello there,

Most of your itinerary looks great, there's only one thing that concerns me, which is the night train you plan to travel on. First there's no night train service between Hiroshima - Tokyo, so I assume that you mean the Sunrise express between Okayama - Tokyo. Going traveling to Okayama from Hiroshima is not a problem, however getting tickets for the Sunrise may be hard. The train is very popular, especially during summer and can be sold out weeks in advance. My advice would be to try to reserve tickets as soon as you are in Japan and have exchanged your JR Pass. Also be sure to have a Plan B ready in case you may not be able to reserve tickets for the Sunrise express.

For the rest, I think your itinerary looks good!

Hope this helps you!

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Hello! Thank you for the response.

Yes, I did mean the Sunrise express between Okayama - Tokyo. I will be there from June 3-9. Since it is the rainy season, is the possibility that the train will sold out still likely?

Is there any way to reserve the tickets before getting to Japan, or at least is there a way to know if the tickets have sold out?


Hi Again!

It's almost impossible to reserve seats outside of Japan. Basically you would need to know somebody in Japan who could reserve the tickets for you, or inquire about availability.

With night trains you just never know, I've found trains fully books 3 weeks before departure and also found it possible to find a seat 10min before departure on other days. During weekends trains will be sold out quicker but you have a good chance to get a ticking during week days.

My recommendation would be to try to reserve a seat as soon as possible once you arrive in Japan and failing that adjust plans.

Sorry for the bad news but it's better to know now that to be left stranded.

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