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7 days jr pass

7 days JR pass

Hello, I am going to Japan from 16 March to 24 March 2017. We will reach Japan in Narita and would like to visit few places in a short of time because my sister been to Osaka and Kyoto. Please find my plan below:

16 March- Reach Tokyo and stay in town
17 March- Tokyo to Nagoya
18 March- Plan to visit Shirakawago- Overnight in Nagoya
19 March-Nagoya to Kyoto- Then Overnight in Osaka. (just have a quick stop for mum)
20 March-Osaka- Evening time will travel back to Tokyo
21 March- Day trip to Mount Fuji
22 March-Tokyo
23 March-Tokyo
24 March-back to KL

I personally think is ambitious plan but I think is doable. My question is more on the which pass I should buy. 7 days JR passes should be sufficient? hopefully can get some insights from experts.

Thank you.


Hello there,

Yes, I think a 7 day JR Pass would work fine here. You could make very nice savings using the JR Pass and it would cover nearly all your travel from day 1 to 7.

To make a suggestion, consider going to to Takayama instead of Nagoya. Nagoya pretty much is a big business city but there is not much in terms of tourism. I think your time would be spend much better in Takayama, which also has easier access to Shirakawa-go.

For Fuji, I recommend reading:

Hope this helps,

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