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7 day pass

7 day pass


My itinerary is as follows:
Day 1 arrival in Narita. Transfer to Shinjuku
Day 2-4 in and around Shinjuku (including Kamakura, Shinanomachi, Hachioji etc)
Day 5 Osaka
Day 6 Hiroshima
Day 7 Narita

I wanted to know whether

  1. I need the JR pass or JR west?

  2. From the airport, can I just use the JR pass on NEX or is there another option?

  3. How to reserve seats? And what happens if I miss the reservation?

  4. How to ensure I get a seat such that I can see Mt Fuji (if visible)

  5. How do I store the luggage? and is there a charge for it? Do I need to carry combination locks?

Thanks so much!


Hi There,

I see you have a couple of questions, let's get started right away.

1.) The 7 day JR Pass is definitely recommended for your itinerary! Going to Osaka and Hiroshima is pretty expensive without a JR Pass and the JR Pass is the only pass that covers the entire route.

2.) Yes, you can use the NEX to get into Tokyo using the Japan Rail Pass.

3.) For seat reservations, please see this page. If you do miss a train, generally it is not problem to make a new reservation. Although you may also be asked to take a non reserved seat.

4.) If you are taking the Shinkansen from Tokyo - Kyoto/Osaka ask for a seat E or D (or C or D if you travel Green Class).

5.) There are coinlockers available at stations. These cost 300-900yen depending on the size you want to use. Generally you will either get a key or number combination. It just depends on the locker type available.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much Daniel San. I have a couple more questions
1. Where can I catch shinkansen in shinjuku?
2. How to store bags on nex train to and from airport?
3. What is best way to see Osaka?
Thanks so much!


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