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7 day pass

7 Day Pass

Travelling to Japan in September with my wife and would appreciate if you could check this itinerary using JR 7 day pass and if I am trying to fit in to much for 15 days or any suggestions you might have.


  • 14 GOLD COAST------OSAKA
  • 15 OSAKA (Standard Ticket )
  • 16 OSAKA (Standard Ticket )
  • 17 NARA ( Standard Ticket )
  • 18 KYOTO ( Standard Ticket )
  • 19 KYOTO ( Standard Ticket )
  • 20 KYOTO ( Standard Ticket )
  • 21 KOBE ( Standard Ticket )
  • 22 KOBE <>HIROSHIMA ( 7Day Pass Day 1)
  • 23 HIROSHIMA ( 7 Day Pass Day 2)
  • 24 HIROSHIMA <> TAKAYAMA (via Nagoya ) ( 7 Day Pass Day 3 )
  • 25 HAKONE ( 7 Day Pass Day 4 )
  • 26 HAKONE <> TOKYO ( 7 Day Pass Day 5)
  • 27 TOKYO ( 7 Day Pass Day 6 )
  • 28 TOKYO <> OSAKA (Airport ) (7 Day Pass Day 7 )

Thanks David


Hi David,

That looks like a very sensible use of your time - Basing yourself in Kansai for a week will really let you have a good explore before you travel further afield with the Japan Rail Pass.

I think you have a good selection of destinations in your trip. If I was to modify the itinerary slightly I would perhaps trade a night in Hiroshima for an night in either Takayama or an extra night in Tokyo, but it depends very much on what your plans are and what side of Japan you are interested in seeing (modern/historic).

The main tip for enjoying your trip while you are moving between hotels is to make extensive use of the coin operated luggage lockers available at most JR stations. You can keep all your luggage here for up to 3 days and are invaluable, especially if you're moving with 2 weeks worth of luggage. We have an article on how to use these coin lockers online.

Hope this helps!



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