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7 day or 14 day rail pass... we aren't sure!

7 day or 14 day rail pass... We aren't sure!

We have a 15 day trip coming up shortly (plus two travel days). So far, it looks like this:

Travel day - arrive Tokyo
Days 1 - 3: Tokyo
Day 4: Hakone
Days 5 - 7: Kyoto
Day 8: Osaka
Day 9: Koya-San
Day 10: Hiroshima
Day 11: Miyajima
Day 12 - 14: Tokyo Disney
Travel day - depart Tokyo

Now, I know that the days at Disney aren't high the travel wishes for many other, but we are big Disney fans and we can't wait! :) My main question is whether to get a 7 or 14 day pass, when you consider the first three days in Tokyo and the last four at Disney... I know you can use the rail pass somewhat in Tokyo, so I'm just not sure what the best value is. Thoughts?

Any tips on the proposed itinerary are also welcome. :)


Hi there,

For a 7 and 14 day rail pass to be worthwhile you will need to spend over ¥28,300 and ¥45,100 respectively. Lets take a look at your JR travel costs:

  1. Narita airport terminal 1 > Tokyo: ¥3140, (62mins, 79km)
  2. Tokyo > Odawara: ¥3840, (35mins, 83km)
  3. Odawara > Kyoto: ¥11950, (160mins, 429km)
  4. Kyoto > Osaka: ¥1880, (27mins, 42km)
  5. Osaka > Hiroshima: ¥10150, (108mins, 345km)
  6. Hiroshima > Maihama: ¥18250, (327mins, 906km)
  7. Maihama > Narita airport terminal 1: ¥1110, (82mins, 70km)

TOTAL: ¥50320 for 7 legs

As you can see, whichever type you choose (7 or 14 day) you stand to make savings with a rail pass.

Looking at the breakdown of costs I can see that the majority of the costs in your travel do happen between Day 5 and Day 12. If you can squeeze your long distance travel to fit within Days 5-11, or 6-12 you would be able to use a 7 day pass and make even better savings!

If you go for the 7 day pass and are arriving into Narita, you should take a look at the Narita Express/Suica Metro card deal, or the Tokyo Metro 2 day travel pass + Keisei Skyliner deals to save you money on your travel from/to the airport and around Tokyo.

Hope this helps!

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That does help, thank you very much!


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