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7 adults from tokyo to kagoshima over 2 1/2 weeks

7 adults from Tokyo to Kagoshima over 2 1/2 weeks

Hi. I would like some advice on our trip to Japan. Our proposed itinerary is as follows:
Tokyo 5 nights
Hakone 2 nights
Kyoto 4 nights
Osaka 2 nights
Hiroshima 1 night
Kagoshima 3 nights

We then have to get back to Tokyo and fly home.
I am hoping to find the most economical way to travel by train.
Could we use a Hakone free pass from Tokyo to Hakone, then buy a ticket from Hakone to Kyoto, then activate a 7 day JR pass on our last day in Kyoto to use the rest of the trip? What would the cost of this be versus a 14 day rail pass (which is probably too expensive for us!)
Many thanks!


Hi there!

Yes I think that would be the best way to go about it. A ticket from Hakone (Odawara) to Kyoto on the Shinkansen is ¥ 11,750 vs the cost of an upgrade to a 14 day JR Pass which is ¥ 16,800, you could save about ¥ 5,050 this way. Then again ¥ 5,050 would be the price for an additional 7 days of unlimited to travel which may be worth it if you want some extra flexibility.

As for the part after, you will be making some amazing use of the JR Pass if you visit Kagoshima, a single ticket Osaka - Hiroshima is ¥ 21,300 which is almost a 7 day JR Pass by itself. Kagoshima is really an amazing city and my personal favorite in Japan. The bay view on Sakura-jima (the active volcano) is just amazing. Be sure to try out the Kurabuto or black pork which is a local specialty and very tasty!

Have a great trip!

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Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful reply. It is very kind of you to help!
I am very excited about our trip to Japan and I will be sure to try the Kurabuto!
Best wishes, JP :)


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